Thank You

Dear Cubs,

No matter what happens tonight I am so proud of the adventure you guys have given us. All my life I dreamed that one day the Cubs will get to World Series and it came true. I always knew that one day it was going to happen. One of my earliest memories of being a Cubs fan was the incredible 2003 season. We were so close to winning the pennant but could not get the job done. I remember telling my father after the Marlins won the World Series, “We would have beat those Yankees if we were in.” Then came 2004 the Cubs had one of the best pitching rotations on paper. Prior Wood Zambrano Maddux and Clement. Things were looking great until it happened. The Cubs collapsed and failed to make the postseason.

Since elementary school, I’ve told my classmates that the Cubs will soon win a World Series. I got the same reaction the every time. Then during the beginning of the 2014 things started to click. I began bragging to my friends and kids all over school that the Cubs were two years away from winning a World Series. Many people laughed at me and said I was delusional. I couldn’t blame them they didn’t understand the game like I did but even a hardcore baseball would’ve been crazy if they made that prediction. That team had potential and were a couple pieces short of becoming a playoff contender even though they ended 73-89 good enough to be last in the NL Central. The magical 2015 season and no one knew what to expect. The adventure we went on gave us hope. No one expected the 2015 Cubs to have the 3rd best record in the MLB and an NLCS appearance. And well here we are now, one win away.

Words cannot describe how excited I am to know tonight will be game 7 of the Fall Classic. I am so grateful and lucky to have the opportunity to witness history. Many fans have dreamed of this moment and unfortunately are not here to witness it. For many of us, tomorrow will be more than just a game, it will be the best night of our lives. Being a Cubs fan isn’t just watching baseball it’s a way of life. This year has been kinda rough for me but I always looked forward to watching the Cubs play because I knew something would happen that would put a smile on my face. The Cubs were my happiness when times were getting rough. I know this is corny but I have never loved a baseball team more than I do this current squad. This team has done a lot for me, the fans, and the city of Chicago. They brought happiness and hope into our lives.  They’ve thought us to never quit because the Cubs never did and they are one win away from doing the impossible. Anything is possible when you’re dedicated.

Hopefully, we get to sing Go Cubs Go one last time before the season ends! Good luck but remember no matter the result you’ve made us proud and made so many dreams come true.Thank you for the great season #CubsTwitter went crazy for. Thanks for helping me make twitter friends with a bunch of strangers that I hope I one day meet.Being at Wrigley is like a second home to us. We may be strangers but when the game begins we are a family all wishing for the same goal. Tonight many tears will be shed and many strangers will give each other hugs because of you. Thanks again!


A big Cubs fan from the southside of Chicago, Oscar Garcia.

Oscar Garcia



  1. Jamie Baker

    I’ve read through several articles, good stuff! Not sure if you would be interested, but I’m looking for someone to contribute on my website… if you would like to add Cubs (or other Chicago sports content) we could try it out.


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