Addison Russell the All-Star

Today the All-Star rosters have been announced. The Cubs will be sending seven players to the Midsummer Classic including five starters. One of those starters is shortstop Addison Russell.

Most Cubs fans are the only people who agree with him being an All-Star while the rest of the baseball world think it’s a joke. This is clear sign that the MLB needs to change the way All-Star ballots are submitted. The All-Star game is now a social media marketing campaign for ball clubs. We want to see our guys on the field instead of the best.

But Oscar what about his defense?” 

While Russell never fails to amaze with his glove, I wouldn’t consider him the best defensive shortstop. That award would go to Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford. Crawford has a DWAR (defensive wins above replacement) of 2.2 compared to Russell’s 1.1.

“How can we fix All-Star voting?”

We have to eliminate people voting for player’s of the same team, that way we can ensure the best players get voted in. A rule should be placed on the ballot that fans cannot vote for more than three players on the same team.

I’m not trying to bash Addison Russell, I think he’s a fantastic player and he will get into another All-Star game but this year was not his year.

What are your thoughts on the All-Star rosters? Leave a comment down below



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