The power of the beard

First of I like to apologize for the lack of post, school has taken over my life even though I still choose to watch Cubs games instead of doing my homework.

Now for the reason, you all clicked this blog, Jake Arrieta. As if we needed another reason to make your case as to why Arrieta was the best pitcher in baseball, he goes out and throws his second no-hitter in his career in a 16-0 blowout victory over the Reds

Arrieta struck out 6 batters while walking 4 others. He now has an ERA of 0.87 on the year.

Arrieta’s story has been fantastic we all know about his struggles in Baltimore, and no expected him to be this good. He went from being considered a bust to the best pitcher in baseball (sorry Kershaw).

His last 24 starts have been lights-out dominating like no other pitcher. He is 20-1 with a 0.86 ERA in his last 34 starts. His loss came at Wrigley Field when Cole Hamels threw his no-hitter.

Fun fact: my first post of the 2015 season was about Jake and the first of 2016 is about him as well.



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