The Future of Javier Baez

Since the Cubs acquired Addison Russell in 2014 the question has been, should the Cubs trade Starlin Castro or Javier Baez? There are many scenarios that could affect Baez’s future.

Scenario 1Cubs fail to sign a center fielder

If the Cubs are unable to sign a some to play center field, a possible move they could make is moving Kris Bryant to center field. Kris Bryant has played a total of 18 innings in the majors, so there is not much experience there. It is not a move the Cubs will make but still a possible scenario. This will allow Baez to play third base. He has played 139 innings at 3rd base at a professional level and has made 2 errors.

Scenario 2: Cubs trade Castro

We know as long as Castro on the team he will be the starter. If the Cubs trade Starlin Castro for a starter to add to their rotation. This will allow Tommy La Stella and Baez competing for the starting second base position or allow both players to have a platoon role with the Cubs.

Scenario 3: Cubs trade Baez

Cubs could also trade Baez for some starting pitching. They do not get a good deal like they would if they traded Castro, but this will give Baez a starting job, and Cubs a decent arm for the rotation.


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