Goodbye 2015 season

I can’t believe a couple of days ago I had to say goodbye to a team I fell in love with more than any other team I watched before. ‘Special’ a word used often with sports teams but this Cubs team was truly special. Sure we got swept in the NLCS but did anyone expect this Cubs team to make that far?

The Cubs had a record of 55-47 at the trade deadline. They were one game behind the San Francisco Giants for the second Wild Card spot. The Cubs could’ve made a deal to acquire David Price to help the rotation, but instead they got Dan Haren and Tommy Hunter. While these moves don’t scream “we’re competing for a World Series,” it gave the Cubs a solid 5th starter and a solid arm in the bullpen. The Cubs had a fantastic second half going an MLB-best 42-18 after the trade deadline.

This year marked the end of my ‘skip school to watch opening day’ tradition because opening night for the Cubs was on a Sunday. Instead, I cut class to watch the Kris Bryant’s debut on April 17th, 2015.*

I attended 3 Cubs games this season, unfortunately, they went 1-2 while I was at the ballpark. I’ve watched Max Scherzer go head-to-head and have a strikeout fest on May 27th, 2015. Cubs lost 3-0 that game. Bryce Harper was signing autographs in my section and I regret not walking up to say hello that day.

The next time I would be at Wrigley Field it was a tough game to watch. On August 31st, the Cubs lost to the Reds 13-6. I watched Grimm have one of his worst outings of the year allowing 4 runs. Okay, I was getting nachos with my girlfriend while this was happening but I still saw it happen. I watched the Reds score 6 unearned runs and Starlin Castro makes 3 errors. It was a tough game watch.

The last game I saw at Wrigley this year was on September 19th Cubs vs Cardinals. It was my first ever Cubs-Cardinals game. Before the game, I told Grimm he was the best and that I loved him. He replied, “Oh stop it you.” The best part of being at that game was seeing Addison Russell’s play. Everyone in my section said “holy sh–” then let out a loud cheer.

Everyone has a favorite moment of the year, and many Cubs fans will say Arrieta’s no-hitter, or beating the Cardinals in the NLDS. My favorite moment happened during the NLDS game 4 Javier Baez hitting a 3 run home run to give the Cubs a 4-2 lead. Baez had a rough start to the year, starting off in AAA, death of his sister, and dealing with an injury. I know that home run meant a lot to him, and it made me emotional. I jumped up screaming with joy and was proud that Baez was able to overcome all his struggles and hit a clutch home run to give us the lead.

It’s sad to say goodbye to this amazing team, but I’m excited about the 2016 team. 2015 was the beginning of a magical journey we will go through, and I know that the time is coming to win a World Series. Thanks for the memories Chicago Cubs.

*note: I passed the class and got a job that day. Mom, Dad if you are reading this don’t get mad.


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