NLCS Game 4 Preview

It’s time to make one of the greatest postseason runs of all time or wait until next year, again. Jason Hammel against Steven Matz. The lineup for tonight’s game is

  1. Fowler CF
  2. Soler RF
  3. Bryant 3B
  4. Rizzo 1B
  5. Castro 2B
  6. Schwarber LF
  7. Baez SS
  8. Hammel P
  9. Ross C

Hammel has pitched once against the New York Mets and pitched 8 innings allowing 1 run while striking out 6 and walking 1.

The Cubs have never seen Matz pitch before but he allowed 3 runs against the Dodgers in 5 innings while striking out 4 and walking 2.

Hopefully, the Cubs can start some magic tonight. Cubs vs Mets first pitch at 7:07 on TBS.



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