To New York We Go!

The New York Mets beat the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight 3-2 to advance to the NLCS against the Chicago Cubs.

Many people will point out that the Cubs went 7-0 against the Mets earlier this season, but this is a different Mets team since then. At the All-Star break, the Cubs had a record of 47-40 while the Mets had a record of 47-42. Since then the Cubs have gone 50-25 while the Mets have gone 43-30.

A big reason for the Mets’ success in the second half is their offense, the Mets are the best offensive team in the National League while the Cubs are right behind them. The Mets improved their lineup during the trade deadline when they acquired Yoennis Cespedes. The Mets  pitching staff is excellent as well, so it will be a tough but interesting series!

Game 1 Saturday at 7:07 Jon Lester vs Matt Harvey


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