Significance of Last Night’s Win

The Cubs won 6-4 last night to beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS. It was the first time the Cubs have won a series-clinching game at Wrigley Field ever. They will play the winner of the Mets and Dodgers series.

Obviously beating the Cardinals in game 4 at Wrigley is huge. It avoids having to go back to St. Louis for game 5 and trying to steal another victory there. The Cubs beat the 2 teams that had better records than them in the postseason. Cubs fans are feeling confident and feel this team can beat anyone.

The Cubs also get to rest until Saturday, giving them the opportunity to rest Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester. Being able to use Arrieta game 1 and Lester game 2 will give the Cubs a huge advantage in the NLCS.

This will also allow them to rest Addison Russell. he did not play yesterday because of a hamstring injury. The Cubs will need Addison Russell’s amazing defense at shortstop to save a run or two this postseason.

The Cubs will be fully rested in the NLCS while the Dodgers and Mets play game 5 tomorrow night. Look forward to the Cubs being on top of their game in the NLCS.



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