The Year of the Beard

Anyone that has been following the Cubs for the last year or two knows Jake Arrieta has been dominating or as the Cubs’ twitter would say fire emoji. Joe Maddon thinks NL MVP but is he the best player in the league?

Obviously Jake Arrieta has had arguably the best second half in a major league season ever. That achievement alone should win him NL Cy Young unless they decide to give it Zack Greinke, another pitcher having a fantastic year. Arrieta and Greinke have similar stats with Greinke leading in ERA WHIP and has a higher WAR than Arrieta. Arrieta leads in Wins, Complete Games, and Shutouts.

Another possible MVP winner is Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals. The season he is having is what the experts say is his breakout year. He leads the NL in Home Runs and Batting Average and has the highest WAR in the MLB. What can cause some voters not to vote for Harper will be the disappointing year the Washington Nationals have had. The last time a player on a non-playoff team won MVP was Albert Pujols in 2008.

Due to Arrieta’s historic second half he may be able to steal some votes from Harper and Greinke as well as get some of his own. Because I am a Cubs fan I say Arrieta takes the MVP and Cy Young honors. No matters who wins someone will sadly be snubbed. All 3 players are deserving of the award it will be interesting to see who takes it.



  1. Liz

    Arrieta is amazing!!! But what can you say about Kris Bryant? 😀 he’s another great player too 😀 you should write about him too. But this sounds great 🙂 I’m gonna enjoy this blog!!!


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